High-Quality Silene Capensis Tincture in Denison, TX
Natural Herbal Sleep Remedies

Mirdus Tinctures and Teas is a small family-owned and operated company located in Denison, TX, that is committed to producing Silene Capensis tinctures that help holistically improve health. Silene Capensis focuses on healing the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. It has been used for centuries in Mexico for its ability to clear the senses and as a healing plant. Silene Capensis is included in our Dream Herb Tincture, which also helps with digestive issues. Backed by years in the healthcare field, we strive to produce natural teas and tinctures that act as alternatives to pain medication. We aim to support people in different aspects of their health to assist them in living a better quality of life. Our team can explain the benefits of Silene Capensis and other herbal remedies. To learn more about how our Dream Herb Tincture with Silene Capensis can improve your health, contact Mirdus today so we can assist you. 

Mirdus Tinctures and Teas is a small family owned and operated company located in the heart of downtown Denison.  With our many years of experience in the healthcare field, we have always offered alternatives to pain medication and surgery through medical bracing and orthotics.  The natural step in our business evolution is botanical solutions and we are excited to offer the finest available.

At Mirdus, we provide only the highest quality Kratom and botanicals available.  We unconditionally stand by our products.

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J. Marie


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Mirdus Tinctures and Teas


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