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Weird Ways To Use Tea

Obviously we all know that tea is a delicious and refreshing beverage. We all also know that various teas have unlimited health benefits. Historically tea has been used for many other things. Here is a quick list of a few different applications.

1. Place a few tea bags in your drawers for a fresh scent on your clothes or linens.

2. Stain fabric with tea to make it appear aged.

3. Seed your lawn! Sow grass seed in small bare spots with a used tea bag. Make sure the bag is moist and place it in the dirt where you want the grass. Sprinkle it with seed. The bag will hold moisture and gradually decompose.

4. For a broken fingernail: cut a small piece of tea bag and coat in clear nail polish. Place over broken nail, cover in colored coat.

5. Freeze leftover tea in an ice cube tray. Add that to your next iced tea brew.

6. Prevent rust by wiping out your cast-iron pots with a brewed-out tea bag.

7. Place the contents of used, but dried out, tea bags into your cat's kitty litter to neutralize odor.

8. Clean your mirrors with strong tea that has cooled. Use a soft cloth for a streak free clean.

9. Wash your face with tea.

10. Clean Persian and Oriental Carpets by sprinkling nearly dry tea leaves on it, and then sweeping them away.

I'd be interested to see if you have other uses as well. Let me know :)

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