The Meaning of "Mirdus"

It's a long story...but I'm being asked this numerous times per day.

When we advertise that we are a family company we mean it. We have some other very successful ventures and have NEVER strayed from that...with ourselves, our employees, and our clients. That mission has served us well over the past couple of decades and we have no intention of changing it. When we launched Mirdus we stayed true to those values. We intend to leave a legacy that our children's children will be proud of. For me personally, (Jenn) my life revolves around my family. It is my hope that they can tell that in every action I take.

So...what does Mirdus mean?

When our oldest son was in the first grade he asked his grandmother why the sign on her door said Mrs. (he pronounced in mirs) She explained to him that it said (misiz). She laughed and asked him, "What do you think Mr. is? Are you mirDyl?" She calls him that to this day. (Myrdyl)

She has since carried it on to the other 3 boys. Our second son became Mrdus. I knew nobody could pronounce that, so I added the "i".

Dustin was only 10 when I made my first tincture. He stayed in the kitchen with me helping me blend ingredients and coming up with some fabulous ideas. For a fact, Dustin as always been game for whatever idea popped into my head. I thought it was only appropriate to name the company after him. My nickname for him has always been Bug-A-Boo. Nobody wants to consume something that starts with "Bug" I stole the name from his grandmother.

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