Our Bodies Are Meant To Heal

As a child and young adult, I never learned how simple it is to enhance my own well-being. I became too dependent on quick fixes and neglected to really care for my body. I had become the typical fast-food dieter, and sadly became a typical fast food mom.

Once I learned and experienced the beauty, knowledge, and synergy of everything that grows my health, both physical and mental, improved dramatically. I carried these changes to my family (after all, isn't Momma the one that really makes those decisions?) It was astounding to me the changes I saw in my children as well.

America is blessed in that we have experienced a cultural expansion. Now we are blessed with herbs and foods from cultures all over the world. As these new foods and herbs are introduced to us, our knowledge of self-healing broadens. From the Asians we learned a system of harmony and balance leading to radiant health. From the Native Americans of many tribes I have learned how to reduce symptoms with bitter tonics. (Let's be honest...they taste horrible, but they DO work). I have learned from Africans and African Americans, Far Easterners, and Latin Americans...every culture has an innate understanding of nature and natural healing.

Since I took my first formal class on herbalism almost ten years ago, it has been a dream of mine to create tinctures, teas, and blends that will enhance the lives of my friends, family, and now you.

I'm really going to embarrass myself here...but I am going to post what I call my "fat" picture. I wasn't even 40, and already had Type 2 diabetes, very high blood pressure, insomnia, and frankly just felt like crap all of the time. Once I finally began to self-care, many of those problems disappeared. I am NOT saying that Western medicine has no place...certainly it does. And I would NEVER recommend someone ceasing a medication without first consulting with your physician. I AM saying that you don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. If you can heal yourself gently and naturally, without horrible side effects, why would you not?

I'm also going to post an "after" photo. This is not about losing weight, it is about regaining my health. I am a 47 year old mother of 4 and this photo was taken this morning.

I feel better than I did at 27...and that is the truth.

What I really want to point out to you is not the weight-loss. I want you to see the differences in my complexion, skin tone, and overall healthy radiance. (Yes, I feel conceited writing that), but it is true. I am healthier and you can SEE it.

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