How to Use Cash App and Why we use Cash App

As many of you may already know, the major credit card companies do not allow for the sale of many botanical items, Kratom being one of them. Visa/Mastercard/PayPal all consider Kratom a “prohibited” item.

Because of this, it has forced reputable Kratom vendors to seek out different options to allow you to use your debit/credit card to make an order.

We chose Cash App because once it has been set up, Cash App is one of the easiest payment methods available. It is literally as easy as pushing a single button to order or reorder from any vendor that takes it as a form of payment. I thought it might be helpful to just give you a quick rundown of how Cash App works. I hope you find this informative and it helps to ease your mind about using this form of payment.


· Go to your Apps Store on your phone

· Download Cash App. This is what you are looking for in your app store.


Once downloaded, set up your profile

o Enter your phone number or email address

o You will receive a code on either your cell phone or you email (depending on which you entered in the step above.

§ Enter the code

o Enter your debit card information

o Enter your full name

o Choose a $Cashtag. This is your unique name for getting paid by anyone.

o If you invite friends you’ll get a credit….so why not 😊….otherwise skip this step


o Go to your vendor’s website and place your order as usual

o Go to Checkout

o Check out as you normally would by entering your name and shipping address

o Choose Cash App

o At this point, your order has been placed and you simply need to send money

§ Look at the Order Number and the Total Amount Due

§ Return to your Cash App

§ Click the $ Icon at the bottom of the screen. ENTER THE AMOUNT DUE FROM YOUR INVOICE. The image below is where you are entering your total.

§ Next you click the Pay button.

§ Where it says To, enter (This is how Cash App knows where to send the money)

§ Where it says For PUT YOUR ORDER NUMBER IN so we know who ordered the product

§ Choose Pay

That is it!! You are finished placing and paying for your item.

While this can seem confusing, and we know it’s a pain, once everything is set up and you send us your first payment, your next order is as easy as putting in your total and choosing to send us your payment.

We also offer the old fashion method of ACH. While using this option you only need to put you routing and account number into the website and your order is ready to ship.

If all of this is very overwhelming to you and you would rather speak to a person to help process your order for you, we have that options as well. Just give us a call at 800-649-4714. I (J.Marie) or V. Fox will be standing by waiting to help you get that order placed.

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