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Botanicals to Think and Live Better

Living in such a demanding environment is not easy. Be it from work, family or community the demands of today’s lifestyle easily lead to fatigue, exhaustion and anxiety. Clarity of mind and focus become absolutely impossible with these types of demands on our mental and physical resources.

I have found myself so burnt out that I couldn’t bring myself to dial my phone. I couldn’t really take a vacation, because I didn’t have the energy to plan or pack. I had nothing left for my career, myself or my family. That wasn’t fair to anyone, and it is no way to live. (Someday I’ll write about my newly developed sense of impending doom when I see a FedEx truck)

I spoke to my doctor, and was advised to start cutting things back. I thought. “LIKE WHAT??? My job and we could be homeless…the kid’s activities and just leave the Xbox to raise them…the kid’s homework and they can be illiterate…perhaps the housework and we could live in filth….SERIOUSLY, EXACTLY WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO CUT BACK?”

The next option was prescription drugs. I am by no stretch of the imagination implying that there is no place for medication in helping people achieve a better state of mind and quality of life. I will say that for me, the benefits did not outweigh the side effects. That was my personal opinion and choice for myself.

I have read numerous articles about the benefits of meditation for your focus and concentration. I think that is fabulous for some people, but I honestly just didn’t get anything out of it. (Maybe I was doing it wrong…I don’t know. But I don’t have time to fly to the other side of the world and sit with a questionably odd little man trying to chant with a straight face).

Straight stimulants aren’t really a good option. While I did have higher energy levels, I was just moving around faster with no clear understanding of where I was going. (I did make good time 😊)

So…back to my herbal textbooks I went. I have previously blogged about Rhodiola, and will stand by that little miracle root until the day I die. There were some other herbs that I wanted to include, and started preparing my own blends.

What I can offer you is a blend that has evidence based findings of:

· Improving the symptoms of stress, such as fatigue, exhaustion and anxiety after just three days.

· Aid in reducing the symptoms of depression

· Supports brain health and helps alleviate the symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases

· Boost mood and focus

I’m naming this Beautiful Mind.

I love my short people. They deserve the very best of me. I have absolutely no shame in stating that in this day and time, most of us need some help.

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